See Overview of Azure Monitor agents for a list … The key will be # the key in the extracted data while the expression will the value, # evaluated as a JMESPath from the source data. Overview. Prior to Docker Engine 20.10, the docker logs command could only be used with logging drivers that supported for containers using the local, json-file, or journald log drivers. Windows logs are stored in Event Log (.evtx files), which currently not possible to scrape it via currently available promtail methods. We will send logs from syslog-ng, and as a first step, will check them with logcli, a command line utility for Loki. Promtail, the log collector component of Loki, can collect log messages using the new, RFC5424 syslog protocol. It is a good fit for Kubernetes as it automatically fetches metadata such as pod labels. Loki in … However, many third party logging drivers had no support for locally reading logs using docker logs From this blog, you can learn a minimal Loki & Promtail setup. The json stage is a parsing stage that reads the log line as JSON and accepts JMESPath expressions to extract data.. Schema json: # Set of key/value pairs of JMESPath expressions. Components: Promtail – This is the agent which is installed on the nodes (as Daemonset), it pulls the logs from the jobs and talks to Kubernetes API server to get the metadata and use this information to tag the logs. The agents support the same labelling rules as Prometheus to make sure the metadata matches. Estimated reading time: 3 minutes. json stage. This is where syslog-ng can send its log messages. It's a lightweight client for pushing logs with Loki server written in pure Go with zero external dependencies. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Docker Container Logging using Promtail. Important. Loki, centralization of logs using the Prometheus way. Loki - Loki is a horizontally scalable, highly available, multi-tenant log aggregation system inspired by Prometheus. At the moment of writing, loki supports the following log clients: Promtail (tails logs and ships to Loki) Docker Driver; Fluentd; Fluent Bit; Logstash; We will be going into more detail on using promtail in a future post, but you can read more up about it here. Then it forwards the log to Loki central service. This article covers collecting custom logs with the Log Analytics agent which is one of the agents used by Azure Monitor. My problem is: I have a dynamic JSON output and I want to always turn all JSON keys into Loki tags. This article is the translation of an original article of mine written in French. Promtail - Dealing with JSON logs Hi there!Been looking all over the web for this but have't find a concrete answer for this so here we are. Promtail - Promtail is the client which fetches and forwards the logs to Loki. Also, with promtail, you can further add labels to different kinds of logs. Describe the solution you'd like Since we do have systemd journal support for Linux, it would be nice to have support for Event Log on Windows in a similar matter. I try many configurantions, but don't parse the timestamp or other labels. Use docker logs to read container logs for remote logging drivers. Other agents collect different data and are configured differently. I have a probleam to parse a json log with promtail, please, can somebody help me please. You can find the original article using the following….