It doesn’t hurt, it just startles and once they learn where the boundary is, which is the human’s responsibility to teach them, they won’t ever get shocked again unless they break the rules. Learn how your comment data is processed. The alternative would be to chain the dog up. Then throw away the ecollars and begin to work with your dog – your dog will thank you. Dogs are not “self sufficient adults”, if you are a responsible dog owner, YOU are responsible for your dog and it’s health and safety. Next time some moron says “it’s cruel” to me I will point out the cruel truth they love. Before I put the collar on the dog I strapped it on my leg and tested it on myself….it’s an annoyance more than a tazer zap. It no longer sort of snaps off so you can snap it back in. (You can do this same hack on many cordless battery packs, you can buy the cells and put them in the carrier.). Both have been neutered and had obedience training,the first fight both were injured very bad requiring stitches. If the dog is constantly testing the boundary the owner needs to spend more time training it. Then swap them with a CR2032 that bought there also as a pack. They will last longer. How to harvest a tiger penis with a dremel while simultaneously throttling it with the cord? Reply How is a dog, or anyone for that matter, to know not to do something if they’re never informed? Gently work around the battery housing until the cover falls off. offtopic: This model comes with a strong transmitter that can deal with many dogs. If you do it right, the collar will be fine. “Firefox can’t find the server at”, Electric shock dog collars are banned in Sweden because the are considered cruel. The rings can also be glued back on if you want, using solvent cement such as for plastic models. I will NOT recommend this fence to anybody I know. I have, doesn’t hurt that much. Make sure the positive side of the battery only (the metal can) is in contact with the metal clip. At that point, they will either look around as if a flea just bit them or similar. In England and Australia you can be fined or jailed for speaking or writing things that offend someone (insults to persons, not threats of violence), we should adopt those rules, too. Ever tried a shock collar on yourself? Dan, false security is worse than no security, dog will cross invisible line get spooked and run even faster. This is especially necessary when you have a smaller dog that doesn’t weigh much to begin with. Thank's again for these directions. Battery here is an RFA-188 (before you pull it out of the plastic). Where can I by that? They work quite well. I noticed one of my Timex watches allowed a thicker lithium than mentioned on the back shell. I just called the IF company and said I would need somebody to come look at why my fence of ONLY 6 MONTHS wasnt working. The thing uses 2 cr2025s in series, for 6V total. 4.5 out of 5 stars 119 ratings. Ultrasonic methods also work, and this is PETA-friendly. I get a kick out of defeating their purpose, e.g. my dad had a beagle that would lick the electric fence wire every morning to see it it was working… well one day it was off and he got out.. my beagles on the other hand get zapped one or twice and learn not to go over there, my youngest beagle will follow me out to the car and stop before the collar would beep even if he was not wearing it. Amazon's Choice recommends highly rated and well-priced products. Is it more cruel than a chain or pen? Usually not as adjustable though. Not to worry, the ring is not necessary. Sorry, but sometimes the company asks for it. WTFE, only PETA members give a crap what PETA members think. I’ve seen dogs jump over tall fences before ( not to mention that a dog that is a digger can easily get under a fence while you are at work. A vast majority of dogs (All other dogs I’ve worked with) will feel the light shock and back away. What [Lou] found was that the $8 replacement batteries were simply a plastic shell on a battery he could buy for considerably less. Please be kind and respectful to help make the comments section excellent. I will try Ace next time or use the 2 1.5v suggestion below. And at least with cows and other farm animals, they only try once to step out and they learn that it hurts, so even if the fence is off they will not touch it again. The thing uses 2 cr2025s in series, for 6V total. Dogs can even swim for up to 30 minutes with the collar on. An arduino sketch for declawing your cat? You have to bugger it to get it to come off. Even when he barks and starts to run toward the other dog to confront him for being on ”his’ territory, all I’ve needed to do is give a sharp ‘Hier’, and he stops and comes back to me, though he still will bark a few times. 90 There are many different gauges of wire available for your pet fence. Extreme Dog Fence Dog Collar Replacement Strap - Compatible with Nearly All Brands and Models of Underground Dog Fences 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,660 $12.90 $ 12 . The eXtreme Dog Fence replacement battery is for use with all eXtreme Dog Fence systems and also Perimeter Technologies in-ground dog fence system receiver collars. If I wanted a little person who followed me around wherever I went, I’d make one (the old-fashioned way). You may have had or seen a bad experience with a stupid dog. There’s a third contact that when connected to the negative terminal (the entire body of a cell) indicates it can be charged. PS Be sure to lube the "O" ring with a little plumbers silicone lube to keep it from drying up and cracking. As for animal cruelty: A: Dogs don’t fondle things with their skin so they’re not quite as sensitive there as we are. We never used a shock collar on him, but he used to walk into CUPBOARDS (no he was not blind). In fact, I think the vice grips are way over-kill for this plastic casing. “Also, it’s a lot less cruel than getting hit by a car…don’t you think?” TRUE TRUE TRUE It took our dog 1 hour to die!!!!!! I’d actually be interested in that last one, is there anything the arduino can’t do?! Also, periodically rub some silicone grease on the O-ring seals. Note the orientation of the cell - the new cell will go in just like this. your extreme dog fence® system comes with rubber tips for your pet’s comfort contacts. Bull, plain and simple. I highly recommend the above work-around. 6 years ago Once they’re trained there is no longer a need for batteries because you don’t need the shock the animal anymore. The batteries died, and I plan on figuring out a standard battery pack. Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 26. Because these batteries can leak inside the receiver causing corrision or the battery may come apart and get stuck in the battery chambers. Nevertheless, not everything is excellent. The battery type is uncommon, so you’ll need to stock them beforehand. Gently insert into the plastic housing, aligning the metal clip with the grooves on the inside of the housing. note the power output of the collars compared to the devices that are obviously “humane” as they are used Voluntarily by humans (ie the abdominal exerciser and the muscle stimulator TENS unit) for exercise or to TREAT CHRONIC PAIN. Yes, I realize you can get the price down towards $13 each if you sign up for some kind of plan, but it is clearly too much. There’s also the fact that many neighborhoods won’t allow homeowners to put up fences. I’ll take a pet owner that shocks their mutt into submission over the pet owner that chains’n’forgets. Get it as soon as Tue, Feb 2. Make the sound annoying enough (white noise at 16 to 45 kHz) and the dog will soon learn to do what it is told. Get the best deals on Extreme Dog Fence Electronic Dog Fences when you shop the largest online selection at I am fully in favor of emphasizing positive reinforcement but the complete absence of negative is silly and confusing. What next on the animal-cruelty-a-day round up? After our 3 year contract ran out, we got a lot of calls trying to frighten us into renewing. All custom batteries are made from semi-standard cells and modified. on Introduction. The woman who answered said "Well it will be $80 for us to come look" Seriously you want $80 to see why YOUR fence stopped working after only 6 months?? Keeping a few packs of batteries on hand ensures you'll never find yourself unable to rely on the fence system due to a dead collar battery. B: Almost everything made this way is self adjusting and shouldn’t need to deliver more than a tingle if it’s working. As I said- “…to make it an effective deterrent against unwanted behavior.” where in this case the ‘unwanted behavior’ is going outside what has been deemed the ‘safe zone’. Save more with Subscribe & Save. Shop The Extensive Selection Of Products From eXtreme Dog Fence. Just to let you know that this procedure voids the warranty on your receiver. It is much more humane than having a dog tied up in your yard with a choke chain that’s for sure! As an added bonus, its helped out significantly in overall attentiveness to what I want him to do. You do not go around cranking up the power trying to zap them every time they do something you think is wrong. What exactly is covered? I've been doing it for years, except I pay way less than $4.19 per battery. Did you make this project? lead slug. Chris Vallone has updated the project titled FDM 3D Metal Printer. I understand what the dealer is saying, although you aren't "damaging or weakening the case" if you have the slightest knowledge of how to use tools. Extreme Dog Fence Battery 5pk. The watch runs much with the thicker lithium. I once had a dog that would lock up and howl when she hit the fence and we had to get rid of it and stick with the small area of the chain-link fence. No lie, with the ecollar set to about a 15 on a scale of 100, which measure about 19 volts, several ma, and 100 htz, he just barely registers it, acts like he got bit by a bug, not jumping, howling. The eXtreme Dog Fence PRO Grade Electric Dog Fence is a top of the line product in this category, and it has many features that help set it apart from other similar pet containment systems. on Introduction. Dustin Watts wrote a reply on FreeTouchDeck. Take that you money grubbers! I was not pleased with the cost of the IF instal, then the collars were outrageously priced. I'm getting a CR1/3N ten pack from a place in TX called "Best Byte Computers, Inc. for $15! The above fix works like a charm. Would it not feel better if evertime you didnt visit that website that you got a cookie? We are out there within 24 hours to take care of your issues. Good hack, bad product, bad owner, train your dog right. How is this any different? Due to efforts for eXtreme Dog Fence® to go 'green', the DVD is no longer being included in the fence systems that are shipped to the customer. 412. As a matter of fact if they were really interested in attending to the customer and his pet, they could design a collar that beeps when the battery is getting low and have the collar rechargeable like the Sport Dog trainer collars. 8 years ago I just use one of the cheap keychains packs that that Dealextreme sells that uses 2xCR2016s. Invisible Fence® Brand Power Cap® Batteries are specially engineered to offer consistency, reliability and superior quality to ensure your pet's security 100% of the time. Amazon's Choice for " pet standard rfa-67 battery for dog collar ". The key characteristics of eXtreme Dog Fence. 95. Love the Hack, Love the Collars, Love saving money. C’mon crowd – never thought bout hacking dog behavior? 2 year old 80lb American Bulldog/Boxer mix. Yo Kingring1 - You know that a "power cap" is simply a 3V Duracell DL 1/3N Photo Battery right? Install an Electronic Dog Fence. By Lowe’s Editorial Team. $9.99. Extreme Dog Fence Collar 6v Battery Underground Electric Dog Fence Collar Receivers. It is easily visible that the battery has been tempered with and if there is a problem with the receiver and needs to be replaced you will have to pay to have a new receiver. Most people are truely ignorant of how ecollars ‘should’ be used, as is well detailed on Wow, so many uninformed comments here, and onyl a few about the hack. I realize these posts are 4-6 months old, but this is what comes up for people investigating pet containment and training solutions and misinformation and uninformed opinions are detrimental to those people. this is cruel noneffective and dangerous for you dog, Im talking about invisable fence. You can find as good, if not better, electronic pet fences just by looking. You don't want to over stress the sides of the container. I just haven’t been able to get my teeth around my dogs’ necks yet. Duracell 2014 xxx. I agree a little bit of pain to teach a pet about boundaries is better that a lot of pain by being hit by a car or becoming prey to a larger predator. If you need a pet fence, we have it. Date Updated: December 11, 2020. Warranty? Shock collars give a shock that is less than you get from static discharge when you grab a doorknob. They charged me $3 for shipping (USPS), so the grand total for 10 batteries was $18, about what IF charges for 1! IF appears to have made a design change to their power caps to foil this DIY approach. The SportDOG® Brand In-Ground Fence™ System gives your dog room to run but not run away. Panasonic did the same on some devices. First I use each of the original CR2016s flipping one battery to avoid making contact. If you don't agree with me, then please answer this: why do you think $17 per power cap is a fair price? on Introduction. I had to redo part of our installation because the installers didn't follow my instructions—they knew better, really. I’m not visiting at the moment, can I have a cookie? Shame you can’t get a similar device linked to a credit card and Itunes to stop “a certain person” spending crazy money on pop videos etc. and will only increase in value as I continue to train. You don’t need to saw it open. Use a TINY amount. By the way take a look at this videos – how to teach your dog not to cross invisible borders. professional dog trainers use and recommend these collars,to include Cesar.Ihave two Scotties and they got into a fight and locked on one another and would not let go.While trying to separate them I got injured, Talked to my vet and he recommended the collar also,when this happened again one push of the button they stopped instantly. I think it’s a good way for the dog to learn that he can’t go there. I did as instructed and it worked perfectly. 3 years ago. August Pamplona liked 3D Printed "No Fall" Toy Mechanism. So you may think “With a clicker i can’t teach my dog not to leave my property” but first your dog should learn that it’s important to be close to you and your dog should never be unattended. For some dogs, having a fence isn’t enough. Wind Turbines And Ice: How They’re Tailored For Specific Climates, 99% Inspiration, 99% Perspiration, And 99% Collaboration, Hackaday Podcast 108: Eulogizing Daft Punk Helmets, Bitcoin Feeling The Heat, Squeezing Soft Robots, And Motorizing Ice Skates, This Week In Security: Text Rendering On Windows, GNU Poke, And Bitsquatting, 3D Printing 90° Overhangs With Non-Planar Slicing, The Digital Radio Era (Partially) Ends In Ireland, AVR Configurable Custom Logic As A Frequency Divider At 4x Chip’s Clock Speed, The B-2 Bomber: Those Who Forget History Are Doomed To Reverse Engineer It, Give Your Smart Home A Green Thumb With MQTT. This dog fence system provides a collar for your dog that has the ability to shock them if they wander beyond their designated area. Not everyone can afford to install a fence and not everyone can install a fence, especially if you’re renting, and these are a decent substitute considering some dogs might just get killed without such a thing and they’re not like being tazed in the least(I’ve tried hurts but it’s not thousands of volts as you’re implying). Now there's a company who cares. $10. I have a light-up vest for each of my two dogs so I can see them at night in the yard.They use the same type port as my cell phone and recharge easily ,sure would be nice if I could just rig my "petsafe" invisible fence receiver to the same battery pack. No, sorry that is just wrong. Those looking for dog fence options to keep your little … Enough to let them know they shouldn’t do that. Remove the cell from the metal clip. For controling other animal form getting in your yard, I suggest a 12 ga. shot gun with a 2 oz. As noted above, this particular Wireless Combo Electric Dog Fence is a bit on the pricey side. This expensive battery is a plastic case around a common CR1/3 lithium cell, readily available from any … This expensive battery is a plastic case around a common CR1/3 lithium cell, readily available from any hardware or drugstore for less than $5.00. Besides, who would go in for a warranty claim with a "power cap" that appears to have been tampered with? Can you please tell me more about the battery. if using the rubber comfort con-tacts, please change rubber tips with each collar battery … For the record, sound levels generated by ultrasonic collars are 15 decibels higher than the level at which hearing damage occurs. But they do work and they don’t kill dogs. Only if you don’t initially train the dog as to how the fence works, or your dog is really stupid. All that was required were a few small cuts to the plastic casing to release the old battery, then he presses the new one into place. I have one of these for my dog – but it uses a different battery (also proprietary). IF just wants to bleed you forever. The dogs learn quickly where to and not to go also some collars have a beeper that alerts the dog before receiving a shock. They work pretty much the same. If you have any questions or inquiries please feel free to contact us at (888) 343-6722. [Lou] sent in this amazingly simple hack that has been saving him money on special batteries for his dog collar. He was just like me, stubborn. Stating the obvious manufactures are counting on the majority of customers not figuring this out & others fearful of doing it because they don’t have a basics understanding of things electrical or mechanical, I’m not criticizing them as a person just stating an apparent reality. Only if your dog isn’t a dumb as my previous one. I think it’s probably gonna work best to use 4 of the 6 AAAAs from a 9v battery. There are always douchebags who try to come off as more ‘humanitarian’ than everyone else. I'm actually kinda mad at IF now that I see what they've been charging me vs what it's costing them to produce....argghhhh! I have a light up dog collar so I can find my black dog at night. Second if your dog tends to be a strayer or tends to hunt than again you should never leave your dog unattended.